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White Dove Women Alliance for Peace Security and Development (WAPSED)


In our effort to achieve peace and security and building developmental blocks, we have put together innovative programs which are evolving.

WAPSED Advocacy Projects include an annual National Peace and Security Summit where we pool together experts who present papers and workshops on peace building and security awareness. At the community level we engage individuals and groups who teach people at the grassroots level on the benefits of peaceful coexistence and how to ensure their safety.

 Skill Acquisition Scheme is designed for women and youth to equip them with relevant vocational/technical skills necessary for the establishment and efficient management of small scale industries. This training integrates Information Technology, Agri Allied Business, Welding and Fabrication, Wood Works Hospitality, Arts, etc.

Business Basics is our international business development forum where experts teach business owners on how to start and/or grow their businesses and succeed in a competitive environment. Graduates from the Skill Acquisition training participate in this forum to acquire the management skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

End Hunger Campaign is both an intervention and awareness program on the need for Government to ensure that pupils and students in public schools are fed during school hours.

Jolly Children’s Week is primarily focused on orphaned and underprivileged children. During this week we organize different programs that create awareness on the welfare needs of orphaned and vulnerable children and give children an opportunity to participate in fun games that help them discover their innate talents and build their self-esteem. This in turn prepares them to live meaningful adult lives.