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White Dove Women Alliance for Peace Security and Development (WAPSED)


When you leave this earth what would you be remembered for? What would the living say that you did to make the world a better place than you met it? Membership to WAPSED offers you an opportunity to improve your self-worth and net worth, so that you can contribute meaningfully to your community and to your world. Being a member of WAPSED gives you an opportunity to impact your world as a supporter or a beneficiary.

Membership is open to everyone who loves peace, security and development, and wants to make an impact on national development.

There are many benefits as to why join our Organization. As a supporter, you will be part of an initiative that allows you to make meaningful contributions to peace and security and developmental projects. As a beneficiary, you will receive empowerment training that will step up your economic and social standing, so that you can become a peace ambassador wherever you are. Discontent and strife is a direct result of lack and underemployment.

For those who are economically empowered, you will have an avenue to empower others and be recognized for it.

For those who need empowerment WAPSED has put together innovative programs that will help you acquire skills that will help you become economically self-reliant. Our programs promote self-growth, economic growth and psychological well-being.  

To become a member, fill out our online membership form and we will send you our brochure with details of our programs.

Together we can make our world better.